We Who Wear Crowns

Hi Wonderfuls,

How lovely it is to know the abundance of our gifting and the appointment of our existence. With humility and without asking we wear crowns. Our minds like cosmic jewels of creation reflect the light we see in the eyes of our friends, family, mentors, children, partners and countless faces shared across the ether in mediums of black and white, film, color, and painted pixels.

We decide to keep us alive. We wear crowns of hope, love, service, art, music, movement and organization to help us survive. We imagine worlds and we create them. We design systems and hold them up with our hands and obedience to the rules we define. This is our world. And we are responsible for it all.

We decide where to lay a road, and how high to scrape the sky with steal and glass. We lay the seeds in rows in the fields and turn the soil with our inventions. We sail across rocky waves and we fly over clouds across the world in hours. We are responsible for it all. We make healthy and we make scarce. We replenish, restore, recreate and reimagine what we will do with what we have.

Our survival depends on the extent to which accept this responsibility. We wear crowns and we are responsible for it all.