Hi Wonderfuls,

Your thoughts are things! They are material agents of creation. You create your reality and manifest through thought and the power of your perspective the outcomes that you know to be your life. You get to be who you believe you are. That is powerful. So what do you believe? ••••• Here is a poem for your inspiration-

Thoughts Are Things

I hold it true that thoughts are things;
They're endowed with bodies and breath and wings;
And that we send them forth to fill
The world with good results, or ill.
That which we call our secret thought
Speeds forth to earth's remotest spot,
Leaving its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes.
We build our future thought by thought,
For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet, so the universe was wrought.
Thought is another name for fate;
Choose, then, thy destiny and wait,
For love brings love and hate brings hate.
••• - Henry Van Dyke

Master Self-Determination

Hi Wonderfuls,

You are the owner of your own energy. You decide how much power to place behind your words and actions. You select your thoughts and unpack your own ideas. You are responsible for setting your destination and aligning your actions to achieve your goals.

All of this takes place inside of you. You are the person you wake up with and you are the person you lay to rest at night. Your power is your own. Your efficiency is your own. Stand yourself up within and feel the vibration of your own strength.

Pull in the breath of life and listen to the language of your respiration. Even your slightest activity is powerful. You are a universal wonder. Stand up within yourself feel your own power and master self-determination.

Access Strategy Regain Objectivity

Hi Wonderfuls,

You know exactly what you need to do. Your activity is activated by your thoughts. In this moment remind yourself that you are powerful. Remind yourself that you know where you are going and where you need to be. Remind yourself that you are on the right path and perfectly positioned to succeed, you need only access strategy.

Strategy is simply your confidence in the way forward you already outlined in your heart and mind. Regain your objectivity to the randomness of your surroundings.

There is no one else who can do what you are here to do. You are perfectly positioned. Perfectly created, perfectly able and ready to take on this next challenge. Go! You win! You always win!

Love is all there is!

Learn To Cherish Innocence

Hi Wonderfuls,

We make the best choices we can with the information we have at the time. We look around and we assess, we weigh our options against the laws, codes and creeds that we know at the time, we work diligently with the tools that we have acquired.

If we accelerate our love of understanding then we have access to tools like unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness.

We can then appreciate innocence more fully. We can see where others have made choices that they truly and sincerely believed in and we can understand. We value the human experience and make space for growth in ourselves and others through love, patience, acceptance and grace.

When we accept and cherish our own innocence then we let go of the shame, blame and guilt that keeps us captive. This is not ignorance this is fully aware and honest reflection that frees our hearts of the pain of critical judgement.

Learn to cherish your innocence and keep doing your best.



Hi Wonderfuls,

You are beautifully and radically unique inside and out. You are designed for love to experience fully what it is to be conscious, to be human, to be physical, to be souls. As you are connected, entangled, in love you are vulnerable.

Being aware of this vulnerability is powerful. Being responsible for preserving this vulnerability with urgency and honesty is enlightening. Let us be swift to treatment, swift to honest reflection, swift to love and compassion, swift to learning the signs and symptoms, risk factors and environmental triggers.

Let us be vigilant and impatient towards collective recovery.

Do It Your Way

Hi Wonderfuls,
There is only one you. Nobody can do you better than you can. Nobody can sing like you, nobody can dance like you, nobody can wave their hands like you. Nobody co-signs like you and nobody is designed like you.

So, stop hiding.

You owe it to the world to show up boldly, proudly, fiercely and dare I say dramatically YOU.

So, if there is something you know you need to do and you haven't seen it done like you feel like doing it PLEASE DO IT YOUR WAY!

Shake us up! Wake us up! Do it your way!

Hi Wonderfuls,

You are exceptional! You are spectacular you are unique and you are needed.

Each and every step you take is filled with meaning.

Your life is meaningful.

Take in the deep breath of your amazing life and experience the wonder that you are as a magnificent human.

You are exactly where you are needed and exactly where you need to be!

Just keep moving forward.