Learn To Cherish Innocence

Hi Wonderfuls,

We make the best choices we can with the information we have at the time. We look around and we assess, we weigh our options against the laws, codes and creeds that we know at the time, we work diligently with the tools that we have acquired.

If we accelerate our love of understanding then we have access to tools like unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness.

We can then appreciate innocence more fully. We can see where others have made choices that they truly and sincerely believed in and we can understand. We value the human experience and make space for growth in ourselves and others through love, patience, acceptance and grace.

When we accept and cherish our own innocence then we let go of the shame, blame and guilt that keeps us captive. This is not ignorance this is fully aware and honest reflection that frees our hearts of the pain of critical judgement.

Learn to cherish your innocence and keep doing your best.