Hi! I'm a licensed therapist and  master life coach. I help young and mid-career professionals create passionate and meaningful lives with more energy and joy. 

Now, let me get a little personal. I grew up in a big family with limited resources (i.e. two feet below the poverty line and a generational legacy of hard work and hardship. I left my house for the first time at 11 years old. I academically excelled and won scholarships through boarding school, ivy league undergraduate studies and top ranking masters education. 


For more than 10 years I have worked with thousands of women and young adults from all around the world. I've worked with real people who've survived heart breaking experiences and come out on the other side stronger, wiser and more compassionate than ever. I know you have what it takes to create a life that you truly enjoy, a life that you are proud of, and a life that touches others and make a difference.