Never Underestimate The Power of Acceptance

Hi Wonderfuls,
Our human will is a subject of great mystery and endless pontification. We get to choose. We choose how we show up; Who we talk to.; What to believe; Where to be and where to go. Our ability to decide, weigh our options and evaluate our experiences must be managed wisely and with objectivity in order to develop our maturity. It is this maturity that informs our volition to adopt an inclusive and collective mindset when making our decisions. So that what is for our good is also for the good of all.

volition vo·li·tion (və-lĭsh’ən) n. The act or an instance of making a conscious choice or decision. A conscious choice or decision. The power or faculty of choosing; the will.

As providence would have it we are subject to and impacted by the will and subsequent decisions/ choices that others make everyday. These individual choices determine our quality of life. The governance of our food systems and preservation and conservation of our lands.
And when these choices are made outside of and inclusive and collective mindset we all suffer. And we learn that bad things happen. That hurt, pain, poverty, scarcity, injustice happens and we are left with serious decisions to make. Here is where acceptance makes her entrance. She reminds us of the bigger picture and leads us to a higher ground. She tells us we will survive and that we are designed to navigate the challenges of life in sharing a planet with love and understanding. Acceptance tells us to embrace the experience with a still knowing that we are powerful and poised to make a choice. She encourages us to choose wisdom and growth over judgement and Bitterness. To choose leadership over victimization. To choose responsibility over blame.
Acceptance is a powerful forwarding captain, champion coach, strong leader and steady companion in times of uncertainty, disappointment, and despair. Acceptance although humble, quiet, and still is not to be underestimated. We all have her, plain and tall, a lighthouse within, the power of acceptance.