Reinforce Your Mind With Self-Belief

Hi Wonderfuls,
We have this one wild wonderful life. Where limitless ideas, quirks, styles, feelings, interests and characteristics have materialized at one time, in one place, inside of you. What will we do with it? What will we have all of this to mean? Our systems of beliefs determine our outcomes. So, What will we believe? Let's affirm ourselves until we believe in ourselves, reinforcing minds for powerful and productive living.

re·in·force/ rēinˈfôrs/ verb
strengthen or support (an object or substance), especially with additional material.: to strengthen or increase by fresh additions, : to encourage or give support to (an idea, behavior, feeling, etc.)

At the base of self-belief is a tightly interlocked web of thoughts that have been such frequent visitors that we have come to accept them as family and in some cases have become one with them. As human beings it is no more intended for us to be the thoughts that we observe as it is for us to be the books that we read or the advertisements that we see. The very fact that we observe these things means they exist separate from us. If I can observe that thought then I am not that thought. If I can tag that feeling then I am not that feeling. But we allow ourselves to be driven, conducted, led by the thought patterns that we have blindly adopted into our minds as beliefs.

Let us reinforce our minds by laying miles of new thoughts that say "I can handle anything that comes my way." "I am here to love and be loved" "I live with an abundant mindset" "I see the innocence and affirm the humanity of others"
"I am fearfully and marvelously made"
"I embrace growth and appreciate challenges"
These thoughts are regenerative and tend to multiply.

Each time we lay new track of powerful self-affirming thoughts we catalyze a new system of neural pathways that seek opportunities for us show up strong. We begin to attract fresh opportunities to demonstrate and practice our power, our love, and our forgiveness. When we practice the choosing and life application of these thoughts we secure our minds in the mental scaffolding of self-belief.