Wait, Let it Bloom

Hi Wonderfuls,
When we are inspired and compelled to action we must also be impatient. It is our pleasure to be impatient for the manifestation of our vision in this world. With love, with heart, we tend to the soil that holds the seeds of our dreams. The disciplined practice and punctual attendance to our post requires impatience. Your earnest expectation, and your regular attention to your goal is impatient waiting. 

Definition {To Wait} to stay in a place in expectation of...to look forward expectantly...to remain stationary in readiness or expectation...to serve.

Waiting is active. It is a sophisticated engagement of impatience. Impatience is motivating, captivating, catalyzing and filled with purpose. It is trigger by the knowledge of the possibility of what is desired. It's therefore a necessary emotion accompanying the thought of your dream realized. So, we must be refined to wait. We must be mature to wait in readiness. We must be disciplined to wait with impatience, experiencing the steady drum beat of expectation. We must be visionaries trusting in the precision of timing to remain stationary for the bloom.

The bloom is what we work for. Why we toil and practice. The bloom is the reward of husbandry, our labor in the garden. We have applied ourselves to wait for it. We have engaged and committed ourselves to standby with confidence and with grace earnestly expecting our reward.

Yes Wonderfuls! It is coming, it is there, inside the wait. Let it bloom.