Hi Wonderfuls,

Self-awareness is a mind blowing, supportive and forwarding psychological tool to help us understand ourselves, become familiar with what motivates, inspires and compels us to action. It allows us to take inventory of our triggers and categorize our interests in ascending and descending order. If you want to practice grab your free worksheet above (link in bio).

When we practice awareness we simultaneously sharpen our perspectives and improve our efficiency. 
When we are self-aware it is easier to make decisions. Doubt is more easily conquered by a self-aware mind. Disappointment is more easily processed by a self-aware mind. Self-awareness is a high-efficiency psychological tool for productive living.

When we take the time to understand how the situations we are in attract the thoughts we have which trigger the emotions we feel informing the actions we take which give us our results, we can choose where to be, which thoughts to engage, how to respond, and therefore what results we get. We are the operators of a massive cognitive switchboard and we can dispatch the thoughts that work for us.

Free Worksheet Here -