Start Strong Stay Strong

Start Strong

Hi Wonderfuls,
We are in it to win it! We have set our minds on our goals and we have determined a way forward. Now that we have started filled with adrenaline and excitement we must remember that PACE WINS THE RACE!!!

When I was training for my first half marathon I studied the walk run method. Why? Because I wanted to finish the race and get a medal of completion. And I had not been running or training long enough to complete 13 miles with no breaks. Every article, blog, and author stressed the importance of pace and starting with patience. Don't go out the gate like the hare! Go out the gate like the tortoise confident that you are running the race at a winners pace! 

I ran my race thinking about my breathing, my posture, my stride, the position of my feet as they landed each step. I ran for two minutes and walked for 1minute for thirteen miles. I was dedicated to the repetition and committed to my pace. When others surged ahead I kept my chin grounded, took deep breaths and started to WALK right at the 1 minute mark leaving an even bigger gap between me and the other racers. I could have fallen into compare and despair but I just knew if I focused on anything other than my performance I ran the risk of getting injured. So I kept my pace.

Keep your pace, it may be repetitive, it may be a slow burn, but you will finish and you will finish strong.