Forgive Yourself

Hi Wonderfuls,

Let's be honest sometimes we can be a little harsh on ourselves throwing the L and F words around- "Loser" or Failure". These words fall heavy on our inner ear and heavier on our motivation. We get to reframe and repurpose the moments that give life to these thoughts so that we can generate new empowering, forwarding and loving thoughts.

Without a doubt last year brought some challenges, some things we wished we might have done differently some areas that we are now making resolutions to improve. But those resolutions will not see the end of New Year's Day if we keep are fighting ourselves instead of accepting, affirming and forwarding ourselves. Every choice we make gives way to new information in the form of results. We learn what worked and what didn't work and the efforts we took to get those results were useful. Valuable and priceless. Every chance we get to learn something new about ourselves, how we show up in the world and how we view others is a gift.

If you are beating yourself up today, chasing down or calling out "bad habits" and pat behaviors with grim prejudice and judgement I offer you grace. I offer you reflection. I offer you forgiveness. Every circumstance to come will hold new lessons for growth and development. Be encouraged, be positive, be flexible, be patient, and forgiving. The journey is your destination.