Ok, Ready? Let Go

Hi Wonderfuls,

Years ago when I was living and working in Sub Saharan Africa I traveled to the Victoria Falls. While there, standing on a ridge admiring the falls, in the distance I saw a thin bridge. I learned it was the bridge connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe. The interesting thing about that bridge was the human being dangling from a bungi cord mid way between the ravine and the bridge. The moment I realized what was going on I was immediately and emotionally tasered into committed action. I was going to jump.

Have you ever had those moments? A spark of inspiration that lines up with your life like destiny and calling, anointing and appointing all at the same time. Have you ever felt your heart racing with uncertainty while your feet marched in the direction of your biggest fears? That Vic Falls Bungi Station made no sense at all. Why did I need to do that? What was I trying to prove. Black people don't jump off of bridges for fun and they definitely don't willingly tie themselves up with ropes. Is what my friends said to me. Even the man working the bungi station was busy making jokes about my sanity and identity. But I was smiling. I was excited to make this a defining moment where I dropped doubt. Where I let go of fear. Where I trusted in a strength, order and privilege far greater than myself. I think back to that day and how the stars lined up for me. How time and circumstance set a stage for me and I stepped into an opportunity to take a chance on defeating fear.

When we let go we don't win forever. But we win now. We win the moment and we get to keep that victory with us as a reminder. We lay miles of neural pathways that crystallize the moment in our memory as that time when you said yes to your dreams, yes to your promise, yes to your very own path. We embed code in our hearts and minds that can be relied on in times of doubt and uncertainty to trigger encouragement and affirmation in our ability, skill, talent, power, voice and vision.

We all have the moments. Get Ready, Stay Ready and Let Go!