Rev Up Your Intentions

Setting Intentions are to hustle like programming Siri is to road trip. You can still make it without them but do you really want to go through all of that obscurity, questioning and map checking? Definition of intention: An aim that guides action, an objective.

For many of us this is a serious week of planning, goal setting, preparations and committing. But we must make our intentions strong and clear. Our intentions are not the same as our big why. Our intentions are the psychological greens that keep our thoughts clean. They are an essential part of our daily regimen, they help to reinforce our actions. 

In fact, Intentions are directly connected to the actions that make up our hustle. When we are clear as to how important and aligned our actions are in our hustle we are more confident and therefore more likely to continue taking committed action towards our goals.

Let's quickly draft some intentions:
Action- food preparation for the week Intention- to increase my chances of eating healthy meals throughout the week

Action- setting an early rise alarm and placing phone/alarm away from the bed
Intention- support my body in creating a new routine for waking up and getting up each morning. 

Rev up your intentions so that you are clear as to how what you are doing aligns with your interim goals!