Catch Up To Your Capacity

Hi Wonderfuls, 

I am here to affirm your mind blowing capacity to achieve your dreams. Your capacity is far beyond your greatest imagination. It is not determined by your recognition of what's around you, your schedule, plan or your resources. And I can prove it.

CAPACITY//: noun ca·pac·i·ty \kə-ˈpa-sə-tē, -ˈpas-tē\: the facility or power to produce, perform, or deploy.

Have you ever been seduced by Master P? That would be P for Procrastination? And the thing you are avoiding is a non-negotiable that you MUST complete. Finally panic sets in at the last minute, and without prodding or a motivational course you pull off a gargantuan 24hour all night ultra-productivity marathon to get-IT-done. Yes? Well that is the store of your capacity.

Have you ever been knocked over by Debi D.? That would be Debi Downer. So you are feeling low and underwhelmed. And on top of that you find yourself cat fighting Negative Nancy? (This would all be happening in your head by the way) then suddenly THE-OUT-OF-THIN-AIR opportunity pops up and you leap into action. Wash your face and deliver! Well that is the store of your capacity.

Your capacity is engaged when you decide you are ready to show up. That's literally all it takes. You are the vision of your greatest self! You are leading families, departments, divisions, your own businesses and running your own signature programs! You inspire people to create more, live more and stand for what's right! You are more than enough! You have an abundance of talent, skill, passion, and room to make it happen!