How to Survive Quicksand- SURRENDER


Hi Wonderfuls,
When you make strides towards your goals, when you mount up and stand tall and declare your destiny. The undone comes from below to teach you something new about the way to your highest possibilities and greatest selves. And, if you are not careful and present you may misinterpret the gift of the struggle. These murmuring thoughts or shadows of unsung feelings can distract, disempower, disappoint and derail us for hours and even days. But all is not lost. There is a way to survive quick sand.
When restrictive, painful, anxious thoughts surround your mind don't try to stand your ground. Say what? Yes, relax your legs, relax your shoulders, and surrender your footing. And you can stop sinking. As odd as it may sound the way up and out is counterintuitive. It's on your back not on your feet. Turning your head completely to the sky.

When restrictive, painful, anxious thoughts surround your mind don’t try to stand your ground.

To survive a quicksand encounter you must: RELAX YOUR LEGS, and don't make any quick movements. Keep your arms and head above the surface. Move legs slowly, one at a time, trying to free them from a tight suck at the bottom of the quicksand pool. Lean backwards and try to float on your back so that your legs rise to the surface. Wow! Thanks google.
You may want to be strong and stand your ground and fight back and start shouting your affirmations and declaring your victories and staring at your vision board and calling out your goals but just RELAX. You are on your way. Some things need to get loose and some thoughts need to be heard and released. Surrender your footing and you will stop sinking.