Focus On Service

Hi Wonderfuls,

We have the opportunity to give and give with and abundant mindset. We have the opportunity to serve and serve with an abundant heart. Our work, our art, our contributions to the world are priceless and therefore we are priceless. But it doesn't stop there. If we can see ourselves as priceless then we can see our tribe, our community, our audience, our people as priceless. And therefore worthy of our best.

When we give it comes back to us. When we pour out we are literally pouring in.
As conduits of inspiration and light, as channels of leadership and guidance we carry an obligation to set our intentions towards the benefit and increase of others. 
This is our focus on service. When we focus more on how we deliver each gift of forwarding advice, tips, tools, science, systems and bundles of visual inspiration we get to infuse our work with sincere love and appreciation for those who will receive, adopt, apply and collect our work.
This is our reasonable service in building up fortifying and inspiring the people with whom we share this wild wonderful world.
Let us be fired up by the way we show up for others and thereby replenish ourselves. Let us be grateful for the experiences, tests and trials that have provided us a store of limitless content and context from which we share.
Let us focus on service as the unpacking of our purpose and the humanitarian stewardship to our world. Be encouraged today because the world needs that unique and priceless service you bring to each day!