Tag Your Feelings

Tag Your Feelings

Hi Wonderfuls,
We are complexly designed intricate and spectacular beings. We have impulses, thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, languages, looks, gestures, actions, behaviors. We ponder, consider, debate, discuss, argue, agree, calculate and deliberate. We are each worlds of continuous exquisite activity.

Our most frequent activity is navigating the 50,000-70,000 thoughts that stream through our minds like schools of herring. Schools of slippery herring that tickle, wiggle, stick, demand recognition, group, ungroup, hide and swarm in complicated configurations within minutes. What's even more interesting is that these thoughts trigger feelings of all sorts. From exuberant joy to deep low quick sucking sadness.

 With gratitude we learn that these thoughts and feelings are our birthright. They are the company, the muse, the gift that entertains and inspires all of who we are and who we get to be in the world. So let's really get to know them. Watch them, notice when they show up and consider why? Tag them so you recognize them when they appear at the strangest moments. And acknowledge them- Kindly, compassionately, with interest and love.

Self-awareness is all about appreciating the spectrum of self expression and perception. Knowing yourself and being true. You are fearfully, marvelously and wonderfully made. Created unlike no one else in the world. And you don't stop there. You are continually recreated and reborn into new revolutions of yourself with each experience that interrupts the hypnotic swarm of those wild herring thoughts.

What are these sensations that we translate into love, joy, anger, excitement, revenge, celebration and inspiration all about? We know they can't be just for us? We know they give birth to the action that creates the systems, structures and societies we inhabit. While we are with each other why not find out more. Explore yourself and share. Tag your feelings, watch and wave. You are and exhibition of wonder that keeps giving - more to be discovered each day.