You Can Handle The Increase

Hi Wonderfuls!

During this period of planning, big dream casting and reaching for the stars I want to affirm that you can handle the increase. New opportunities for advancement, new heights to soar, new teams, new projects, more of what you were born to do. All of this is coming your way and entering your heart because you can handle it. You have been preparing for this moment. You have overcome the hardships and endured the tests. You are ready and you can handle the increase.

 If you are hesitating or negotiating why you can't remember that this world runs on an intelligence and strength far greater than yours and at any moment when you are ready you can tap into that amazing strength. It's the application and activation of faith. It's what got you this far and it can bring you into and through your next level of growth and accomplishment.

Continue to dream big and write out your vision. Continue to repeat your mantras and meditate on where you are going. Take committed action and trust that you got this. You can handle the increase. You can and if you believe you can like I believe you can then you will.