You Are Already Amazing Let Them Know

Hi Wonderfuls,

We all have "them" the people we live for, the people we show up for, the people we hide from. We have this "them" "they" that get us all in our heads about what to wear, what to say, where to go, who to be, and how much to spend. The truth is this "them" "they" wants us and needs us to show up and show out. They exist in our minds because they matter to us. But we get it wrong sometimes. Because it is we, each of us, individually, who give life and inspire and promote and support and empower and encourage and appoint. Not the other way around. 

Listen I understand for years people encourage us to be dismissive of the "them" "they"s of the world but I know that we are concerned about them because our growth is connected to our perceived relationship to them. Say what? YES, Your, My, Our growth is connected to the way we perceive our relationship to the "them" "they"s of the world. If we think we are not ready it's because the "them""they"s will judge us. If we are afraid it's because the "them""they"s will reject us.

But if we KNOW that we are ALREADY AMAZING that we don't need approval from "them" or "they" we get to give life to the world! We are intentional about showing up, intentional about showing out! We get to be prepared for our "them""they" and READY to ELEVATE and ACCELERATE our collective growth. Let's get inside of KNOWING that we are ALREADY AMAZING! Let's be unapologetic about BEING AMAZING EVERYDAY!