Many people have a hard time seeing themselves and/or the patterns that continue to show up in their lives. I work with real people to help them unpack their issues, relieve the stress and gain clarity by recognizing and affirming their strengths. Our process is based on the idea that it takes time to develop a relationship but sometimes the answers are closer than you think. For that reason the getting to know you process includes


1 free consultation + 3 one-on-one or couples conversations (RT package).


What is Strength- Based Therapy?

  • Strengths-Based Therapy is a social work practice theory that emphasizes people’s self determination and strengths.
  • Strengths based practice is client led, with a focus on future outcomes and strengths that the people bring to a problem or crisis.
  • Strengths-Based Therapy looks at the inherent strengths of a person or organization, then builds on them.
  • Strengths Based Therapy uses an individual’s or organization’s strengths to aid in recovery, restructure and empowerment.
  • It’s really about reframing perception to find good even in the worst situation.


Why Use It?

  • It is an empowering alternative to traditional therapies that focus on deficits and short comings.
  • It avoids the use of stigmatizing language or terminology which creates false self identification and change aversion.
  • It is at odds with the “victim identity” — epitomized in popular culture by the appearance of individuals on television or talk radio sharing intimate details of their problems—which is inherently self-defeating.
  • It fosters hope by focusing on what is or has been historically successful for the person or organization, thereby exposing precedent successes as the groundwork for realistic expectations.
  • It inventories (often for the first time) the positive building blocks that already exist in their environment that can serve as the foundation for growth and change.
  • It reduces the power and authority barrier between therapist and the client by promoting the client to the level of expert in regards to what has worked, what does not work, and what might work in their situation.
  • It reduces the power and authority barrier between the client and therapist by placing the therapist in the role of partner or guide.
  • And lastly – it works.

Unity: Couples Coaching and Mending Hurt



You set the pace. We uncover trauma, limited beliefs, fears, doubts and unhealthy practices. We explore your relationships and think through together what’s really going on. This helps to set the stage for being able to discover what it is you really want and what a life you love would look like. These sessions are based on principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. 

Extensions based on progress*

Goals Goals Goals


 ( 6 SESSIONS/45 MIN) 


All stories aside, this is a committed action, bold and invigorating process. Expect focused motivational interview and strengths based informed coaching designed to help you identify, declare, outline and achieve select goals for a more fulfilling and powerful life. Expect key distinctions, tools and techniques you can apply in real life to help you reach your goals.


 (12 SESSIONS/60 MIN) 


Here is where we do some good hard work. Yes, we need to hear the stories, we need to hear your dreams. We need to explore what’s been holding you back and we need to go hard towards the future. Each session we discuss in real detail the thoughts, actions and results that continue to take center stage in your life. We think through gentle but challenging ways to unpack your history and repurpose your memories so that you feel better about yourself and your life. Then we take committed action to create a meaningful and authentic life you love.